What do we propose?

Our Mission is to select and reward Artists from a variety of disciplines that have a career that has been consolidated for years of unquestionable successes and have also developed attention to social issues. Never since today music is the soundtrack of everyday life and is considered a very strong vehicle to reach anyone. Bob Geldolf’s vision with Live Aid has already shown that to us.

A Multimedia Event

wants to make a further step forward, bringing the Event to a higher level of usability, an Award and a unique frame with the upgrades that technology now offers, creating a multiplatform music event, a real and virtual stage, addressed to a global audience, gathered to raise awareness, promote and accomplish humanitarian projects in a real world, where the first needs are often lacking.

A great global and multimedia event that can engage and aggregate a wider public. An event of great media impact. But above all, an innovative way of awarding prizes to promote concrete actions for people in difficulty through the Art of Music and Entertainment.