The Legend Music Awards


Legend Music Awards

The Award, trophy or plaque, is a simple, but important acknowledgment not only for the music activity but also for humanitarian one of those receiving it. Its value is not so much in the object itself, but in what it represents. Many other awards confirm a success in sales, defining the artist’s fame. Legend Music Awards also want to acknowledge the humanitarian side that the artist through their career and talent has been able to develop. The privileged position of those at the top is seen as a tool to raise awareness of those solidarity issues that need to be shared.

Organization: Legend Music Awards
Award Name: Global Legend Awards
Format Name: Global Legend of Fame

 Trophies assigned

  • Michael Jackson
  • Laura Pausini
  • Dodi Battaglia – Pooh

Plaques assigned

  • Aphrodite Jones
  • Antonella Bucci
  • Geraldine Hughes
  • Massimo Ferrari
  • Avv. Brian Oxman
  • Avv. Tom Mesereau
  • Consulting, designing and creating structured projects.
  • Mission, partnership and structure individualisation.
  • Coordination of the phases concerning collaborations, modalities and contracts.
  • Artistic, record and design consultancy.
  • Production and creation of “Awards” – awarding high standards.
  • Innovative and original events design.
  • Ideation of communication plan and perpetual global promotion.